5 Best Caravan Bins For Rubbish & Waste

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Because space is often limited in a caravan, it’s easy for it to get messy. What can start with just one loose crisp packet can turn into a very untidy environment in what feels like a very short period of time.

Your first thought may be just to use a rubbish bin that’s similar to the one you have in your kitchen, but you’ll quickly realise that this takes up quite a bit of room in such a confined space.

Luckily several innovative bins are designed for use in caravans. Here we’ll take you through the best caravan bins on the market – these will not only do the job, but save you space in the kitchen.

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Best Caravan Door Bins For Rubbish & Waste

Garbina Caravan Mounted Bin

Garbina Caravan Door Bin

This Garbina mounted bin is a no-frills solution and does exactly what it says. All you need to do is supply the bags, and it’s great if you’re keen to recycle as you can use your existing supermarket bags. 

This also means you can decide how big the bin is because its size relies on how large the bag is that you decide to use.

This can be installed on the inside of a cupboard door, and then the lid will open as you open the cupboard door giving you a neat and tidy bin, while it is quick and easy to install so it will be up and running in just a few minutes. It’s one of the most popular waste bins for caravans, motorhomes, boats and other tight living spaces.

Pillar Hanging Door Caravan Waste Bin

pillar-hanging caravan bin

This mini hanging door bin comes complete with a bracket so you can attach it to the inside of a cupboard. The bin has a flip-up lid and allows you to store the bin away out of sight when it’s not in use. The bin can be removed from the included bracket when it’s time for cleaning, and the lid closes tightly when not in use so smells can’t escape, and insects can’t get inside.

The bin can be installed on your caravan door or any other vertical surface while also being quick to install. There is a generous capacity so you won’t have to keep replacing the bag consistently, but it’d be recommended to get a larger bin if you have a family all sharing it in your caravan.

Over The Cabinet Door Caravan Bin


If you’re on a low budget, then this caravan door bin is an ideal choice, and it won’t take up precious space in your living quarters due to its hanging nature. This allows it to be hung in a range of places including your door, cupboard, drawer etc.

The bin also has a removable lid which keeps the rubbish inside the bin, so any smell is contained.

The product is easy to install and doesn’t require any drilling and although it’s not the best caravan bin available, if you only plan to use it for a small amount of rubbish, then this could be the ideal choice for you.

Streetwize LWACC37 Eco Bin


This eco bin gives you an easy way to dispose of waste while caravanning with its compact and foldable design making it simple to manoeuvre at the caravan site.

Managing waste at a caravan site is an essential part of your trip, and it has a simple design that is easy to snap together, which means you can carry this anywhere. It has a moulded base and tray which stops spillages from happening. 

The bin It allows you to carry and dispose-off the waste easily without causing any spills or drips of liquids. This bin is ideal if you have a large family sharing the caravan. It has a large capacity which means you won’t have to keep changing it constantly. You can also use more than one bag, which is ideal if you want to recycle effectively.

Brabantia 10 L Black Built-in Bin


The 10 L Brabantia Built-in Bin is ideal for caravan use and allows you store it under your kitchen counter which is great if you have limited space or you want to make the most of the space you have. Its smart design allows you to mount it onto the wall of your cupboard with the included sturdy bracket giving you easy access when you need to use it.

The bin has a capacity of 10 litres which is more than enough for caravan or motorhome use. The bin is versatile so it can be used on both the right and left of the opening cupboard doors.

Because of its intelligent design, once you open the door, the bin slides out so it can be accessed easily and once you close the door, the bin slides back into its original position. The bin comes in a sleek black finish and is made of 100% corrosion-resistant materials.

The bin is easy to install and comes complete with a ten-year guarantee if a fault develops with the product.

What To Look For In A Caravan Bin

Not sure which caravan bin is right for you?

Here are some important factors to consider:


The size is the first specification you should understand before deciding on purchasing a caravan bin. A smaller bin will be more compact and be less noticeable in a busy caravan, but it means that you’ll have to empty it more often which can be annoying if you generate a lot of rubbish.

Whereas if you have a larger bin, although you’ll have to empty it less regularly, it’ll take up more space in your caravan. It’s also important to remember if you have a large bin that takes you a while to fill it then if you have food waste then it can begin to rot and smell bad before the bin is ready to be emptied.


A bin is one of the most used things in the kitchen, especially if you have a family with young children. You need to ensure that your chosen bin can withstand constant use, including opening and closing. The two primary materials for bin construction will be plastic or stainless steel with benefits and negatives for both. 

Recycling Friendly

Recycling has become a big ongoing important talking point and recycling friendly bins help us to recycle effectively. If you’re keen to recycle, then a three-in-one bin could be a good purchase because it splits the bin into three different sections for plastic, food and glass.

Ease of Use

Some parts of using a bin just aren’t glamorous such putting your hand in the bin to change the bag, but high-quality bins can make this process a little smoother with features such as removable lids and plastic bag holders.

Bin Design

Even though caravan bins are seen as quite a boring product, they still come in a wide range of colours, sizes and designs so that you match it to your interior. Generally speaking, stainless steel bins will look good in most interiors whereas if you prefer a plainer design, then plastic bins would be an ideal choice. 

Other models will have a pedal mechanism, so you don’t have to touch the lid to put rubbish in which makes the process more hygienic and reduce the spread of germs.


Your chosen rubbish bin should be easy to clean, allowing you to get into all the crevices and gaps to remove any lingering bacteria. When you close the bin after using, it should be airtight, which prevents the smell of food from seeping out.

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