Caravan Nose Weight Gauge 

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It’s likely that if you have a caravan, then you’ll be towing it with an additional vehicle. The caravan nose weight describes the amount of vertical force that’s applied on to your car tow ball when it’s connected to your car.

If you get this nose weight balance wrong, then this can not only lead to tire problems but also accidents. For this reason, all caravan owners should have a caravan nose weight gauge in their armoury. Of course, this is a product that you’ve likely never bought before, so we’ve created this easy to follow guide to show you the best caravan nose weight gauge.

Milenco 2691 Calibrated Nose Weight Gauge


Milenco has been designing and distributing high-quality products for several years, and this weight gauge is no different. Approved and calibrated to the required British requirements and standards it delivers precise measurements so you can calibrate your caravan to the required nose weight.

The Gauge delivers longevity and accuracy having been manufactured using unique and high-quality materials, so its calibration remains accurate even after 1000 uses, so this is a long term investment.

This gauge costs a little more than its competitors but delivers unrivalled safety that you can trust. The gauge scale is clearer and goes up to a maximum of 130 kilos while being accurate to the nearest 2 kilos.

W4 Weigh It Noseweight Gauge


Now if you’re planning your caravan getaway, then you need the ensure that this one of the accessories that you have on board. The W4 nose weight gauge is one of the standout solutions on the market.

This W4 nose weight gauge is perfectly suited for all your caravan nose weight needs. The gauge has been upgraded with a fully calibrated inbuilt spring to measure up to a maximum weight of 115Kg (260lb).

This ensures that your caravan nose weight is within its guideline weight and W4 can be trusted to deliver having been established for almost 40 years, delivering a range of original and high-quality products.

The Caravan Supermarket Digital Nose Weight Gauge


If you need a step up from the traditional nose weight gauge, then it’s time to invest in a digital nose gauge that removes the effort. This gauge delivers a continuous measurement reading over the range of 5kg to 150kg in 0.5kg increments to give you a highly accurate reading.

It features a fully digital display with a sensor system that can adjust its height to do an accurate reading between 340mm up to 430mm. Its construction is sturdy and durable due to its not having mechanical springs that tend to wear out over time.

To operate, simply use a standard 9-volt battery and then you’re good to go with your nose weight readings being displayed on the screen and then you can make adjustments to you caravan based on if it’s too heavy or too light.

Kampa (AC0225) Caravan Nose Weight Gauge


If you’ve been in the caravan world for any length of time, then there’s no doubt you’ve come across the Kampa brand who have established themselves as one of the leaders in the camping & caravan industry.

This nose weight gauge has a large and easy to read scale that not only delivers accurate reading but also has a soft-top to avoid damage to your caravan hitch. Kampa has used computer testing to ensure its greater accuracy.

It has a heavy metal construction and can calibrate weights of between 50kg and 100kg while also being compact and easy to store away when not in use.

Reich Campingbedarf Digital Nose Weight Gauge


If you need more reliable accuracy, then the Reich Campingbedarf Digital Nose Weight Gauge could be the ideal product for you.

The gauge has the maximum load 109kg with a tolerance of <3% to give you an accurate reading so you can make an informed decision of how to increase or decrease your nose weight.

These reading are displayed on its Digital readout in increments of 1 kilo and just requires two AA batteries to operate.

The gauge doesn’t rely on a spring to operate. Many traditional non-digital plastic or metal nose wheel gauges need steel spring to function. This can lead to reading inaccuracies because being under constant load can lead to housing fractures. 

Why is Caravan Nose Weight Significant?

If the nose weight of your caravan is either too far above or before its limit, then you will experience a poorer towing performance. For example, if the nose weight of your caravan is too high, then this will cause make it more challenging to drive. 

This is because more weight will be concentrated on the back wheel of your car, making the steering lighter due to there being less contact between your wheels and the road making it more difficult to steer.

The effects aren’t just limited to the towing vehicle. If you have a twin axle caravan that is over the noise weight limits, then this can lead to uneven and unwanted tire wear. If the nose weight is too high, then less pressure and weight will be on the rear axle. This means that the rear axle tires will experience less rear, but the front axle tires will bear the majority of the wear, tear and pressure.

So as you can see, having the ideal nose weight is a balancing act. If there’s too much weight concentration on the front end of the caravan, then this increases the nose weight whereas increased weight at the back of the caravan reduces the nose weight.

Another reason for ensuring your caravan nose weight is right is due to the threat of pitching and lateral instability. Pitching is where your caravan will bob up and down when you’re towing it. The amount of bobbing that happens will be dependent on the amount the caravan is from its max and min nose weight rating. The severity of pitching will also be affected on the speed that you’re towing.

Lateral instability is also caused by incorrect nose weight, causing your caravan to sway from side to side. This can be dangerous, especially if you’re travelling at speed.

Ways to Measure Caravan Nose Weight

Using a spring-loaded caravan nose weight gauge

  1. Guide the narrow end of the nose weight gauge into the hitch head
  2. Begin to slowly wind the jockey wheel until the gauge assumes the full nose weight of the caravan
  3. Begin to take gauge reading and compare this to the recommended figures in the caravan handbook or user manual.

Once you take your reading and compare if the weight is too high, then there are several steps you can take to reduce this:

Remove heavy items from your caravan and move them into the boot of your car.

Re-arrange items in your caravan by moving them closer to the caravan’s axle. This will decrease the nose weight.

Using a pair of bathroom scales

Now, this may sound strange, but many caravan users have measured the nose weight of their caravan using a set of bathroom scales. This is a DIY method but still highly effective if you can’t get your hands on any alternatives. 

You’ll need a length of wood shaped like a broomstick to attach from the hitch head and down to the scales. Then you need to turn on the scales and measure the weight.

Using an electronic nose weight gauge

If you’d prefer an electronic option, then there are digital nose weigh gauges available on the market. 

They are simple to use and attach to the tow ball of your vehicle, and then you fit the caravan hitch on top. They only need a couple of AA batteries to operate, and the once you switch it on, the nose weight reading is displayed on its screen.

Depending on the brand of nose weight gauge, the reading will likely be more accurate than non-digital gauges.

Caravan Jockey Wheel

There is a limited selection of jockey wheels that also have an inbuilt feature of measure the nose weight. This allows you to save money without having to buy different products.

This means that every time you load your caravan, you can check the nose weight. This is a big improvement on DIY methods like using a set of bathroom scales.

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