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Awnings are a great addition to your caravan set up and provide you with a way to maximise the amount of space that you have without the cost of buying a bigger caravan. This means you can have more floor space making your overall caravan experience much better.

Caravan awnings come in a whole range of different sizes which can make it confusing especially if you’re new to them. Getting your size right, as you’d expect, is very important because this means you won’t undersize and end up with less size than you could have.

The ‘A’ measurement is the term that refers to the size of your awning, and this will be noted down in the caravan manufacturers owners manual. However, we understand that not everyone has access to this whether this is because you purchased your caravan years ago or maybe you purchased it second hand, so the manual is long gone.

If this is the case, then you can take your caravans ‘A’ measurement yourself.

For accuracy, it’s important that when you take these measurements, your caravan is on level ground and is loaded normally.

How to Measure a Caravan’s A-measurement

Requirements needed: String, Peg, Scissors Tape Measure (Metric)

Your Caravans ‘A’ measurement is described as the distance in centimetres and covers the area from ground level around your caravans awning rail and then back down to the ground on the other side of the vehicle.

This measurement will match what’s noted in your caravan owners manual under the dimensions page. However, as previously stated, you can make this measurement yourself:

  1. Place a tent peg firmly into the ground directly underneath the awning rail entrance at one end of your caravan.
  2. Tie the end of the string to it. Please note, If you don’t have a tent peg or if the ground is hard then simply attach the string with a small heavy object to hold it in place.
  3. Feed the string right the way around the awning rail, completely along to the ground on the other end of the caravan
  4. If your awning rail has a protruding curve at the lower sections, then let the string fall to the ground
  5. Cut the string where the string meets the ground
  6. Once you have this string, measure this against a tape measure in centimetres

This measurement will give you your caravans ‘A’ measurement, so you now know what sized awning to buy, and also what size awning groundsheets you might need.

The way awnings are designed and sold means that you don’t need to be 100% accurate with your measurement. This is because awnings are usually sold in measurement ranges, i.e. 900-950cm, which means you can fall anywhere within this range and it’ll still be suitable.

We’d always recommend that if your measurement falls between ranges, then you should select the larger size because it’ll give you more wiggle room instead of a tight-fitting awning. It’ll also mean that if you buy a larger caravan in the future, your existing awning is more likely to fit, so you don’t need to buy a new one.

How to Measure a Caravan for a Porch Awning

If you’re in the market to buy a porch awning, then you’ll need a slightly different set of measurements to ensure you buy the correct size.

You can simply take the following steps:

Firstly, take your string and measure the height of your caravan starting from the awning rail right down to the ground. You need to ensure that you measure the highest point of the caravan.

You should disregard whatever height is mentioned in your owners manual because this can be inaccurate as it may not take into account items that have been added to the caravan roof, including aerials or vents.

The next step is to measure the full length of your awning rail; this needs to be in a straight line to make it accurate. This will show the maximum width your porch awning can be when it’s fitted. When you take this measurement, you also need to consider whether you plan to have windows on your porch awning and this will also better help you to visualise where your caravan doorway will be in relation to the awning.

Luckily porch awnings have followed an easy to understand naming conventions so you can almost instantly tell if it will fit your needs.

The naming convention usually follows the pattern of manufacturer/brand name followed by the model name or number and numbers. For example, Kampa Hero 220 – in simple terms it means that the brand name is Kampa, the model name is Hero, and 220 is the straight rail length that’s needed for this awning to fit.

Most porch awnings have ground to rail height range of between 235cm to 250cm.

So there you have it. If you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of a full-size awning or porch awning now, you have the method to discover your size requirements without having to guess.

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788 to 812


725 to 750


740 to 765


812 to 838


750 to 775


765 to 790


838 to 863


775 to 800


790 to 815


863 to 888


800 to 825


815 to 840


888 to 913


825 to 850


840 to 865


912 to 938


850 to 875


865 to 890


938 to 963


875 to 900


890 to 915


963 to 988


900 to 925


915 to 940


988 to 1013


925 to 950


940 to 965


1013 to 1038


950 to 975


965 to 990


1038 to 1063


975 to 1000


990 to 1015


1063 to 1088


1000 to 1025


1015 to 1040


1088 to 1113


1025 to 1050


1040 to 1065


1113 to 1138


1050 to 1075


1065 to 1090



1075 to 1100


1090 to 1115

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