5 Best Caravan Wheel Covers to Protect Tyres

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Caravan wheel covers can prove a wise investment to protect your caravan from damage. By protecting your tyres from stones, road grime and the harsh environment you will ensure that your caravan wheels look good as new even after years of use.

The wheel covers are designed to be fitted over each tyre of a caravan to keep them free from all kinds of foreign objects while parked up or on the move. They offer a degree of protection against dirt, rain and mud which could mark or scratch a caravan’s rims and alloy wheels.

In this guide, we take a look at some of the best caravan wheel covers on the market today, as well as the key features to look for that will keep your tyres protected for the long haul.

Best Caravan Wheel Covers and Tyre Protectors

Bags & Covers Parked Wheel Cover and Protector


The Bags and Covers caravan wheel cover effectively protects your tyres from both sun and other elements that could be hazards to the outer layer of the tyre. The cover is made from heavy-duty 560gram PVC reinforced UV stabilised fabric that is also waterproof.

The covers can fit most wheel tyre sizes due to the elasticated rear, and it has an internal measurement of Diameter 660mm/26″ Width 180mm/7″ – 230mm/9″. The cover also comes with eyelets so you have the choice of pegging them down on the soft ground or you can attach them on hard ground.

The covers also come in a range of colours giving you a choice to match it to your caravan or motorhome exterior.

Cartrend Weatherproof Caravan Wheel Covers


This is one of the top-selling caravan tyre covers, and it is specially designed for all kinds of recreational vehicles. Caravans, campervans, motorhomes… you name it. The covers can effectively protect your tyres from excessive spells of UV sunlight exposure which can cause long term damage to the tyre material.

The tyre covers have been designed for the most popular size of caravan tyres and have two eyelets with a ring that allows you to firmly anchor the case to ensure that the included pegs don’t damage it.

The covers are made of weatherproof polyester so that it can withstand harsh conditions while providing your wheels with the protection they need. Tough materials, excellent tyre protection, and a great price.

Maypole 93665 Caravan Wheel Cover and Pegs

Best caravan wheel covers

If you’ve ever bought any kind of caravan product, then there’s no doubt you’ve come across the Maypole brand. The company specialises in leisure products – particularly those for caravan use. This useful caravan wheel cover measures 65cm x 21 cm and is specifically designed to provide a high level of protection for tyres.

They are designed to prevent harmful UV rays from damaging your wheels. The wheel covers are provided with two eyelets and pegs that allow you to attach it to the soft ground securely. They are easy to use, attaching in just a few seconds, and you won’t be disappointed with the protection that they provide.

A nice affordable solution for longer lasting tyres.

Kampa Caravan Wheel Cover


By now, you’ve likely noticed that caravan wheel covers are simple products that don’t require a lot of features to be effective. Kampa is a company that specialises in caravan and camping goods, and this caravan tyre cover efficiently protects your caravan tyres from UV damage and other weather.

It does exactly what you’d want it to do, at a decent price.

The tyre covers are easy to use, supplied with eyelets at the bottom corners as well as pegs to secure it into place. The covers are made using durable 600D polyester.

Caravan Supermarket Tyre Wheel Covers


This pair of caravan tyre covers is probably the most aesthetically pleasing option on the list with its vinyl material giving it a high-class finish. However, it also provides high-class protection for your caravan wheels as the outer material can repel liquids and also protect against harmful UV rays.

The covers are fitted with a plastic buckle so it can suit a range of caravan tyre sizes, but it’s best suited to wheels that have dimensions of 13-14 inches. The wheel covers are also fully lined which offers added protection.

The Caravan Supermarket was established 35 years ago. It has a vast level of experience in the caravan and camping industry which has been translated into a high-quality product range.

UPDATE: Unfortunately the product appears to have been discontinued as of September 2021.

Why Buy Caravan Wheel Covers?

Why would you invest in wheel covers for a caravan?

Well, there are a few very good reasons:

UV Ray Protection

Caravans get most of their use in the summer months, and this excessive heat can cause damage to your tyres from UV rays. A tyre cover can protect your tyres from dangerous sun rays and provide an effective shield from damaging your wheels.

The best caravan tyre covers also have UV protection to not only shield your tyres but also protect itself from getting damaged, giving it added durability and extending its life.

Rust Protection

Naturally, the metal elements on your tyre can develop rust and corrosion if they are subject to heavy rain which contains slightly acidic properties. A tyre cover can shield your wheels from this potential damage which not only means you’ll need to clean your tyres less often, but you’ll have to replace your wheels less frequently.

Saves Money in the Long Term

Although you have the initial cost outlay on wheel tyre covers, this is a relatively low cost, and they protect your tyres so that they last longer. This means that it will be long until you need to replace your tyres which can run into hundreds of pounds. So in the long term, the low-cost cover investment can save you a significant amount of money.

Prevent Dangerous Punctures

It’s unlikely that you check your tyres for damage each day. A tyre cover stops unnoticed damage to your tyre because small defects can turn into punctures while you’re driving and can even lead to dangerous blowouts which can cause a serious traffic accident.

Keeps Tyres in Top Condition

It’s normal that outside of the summer months caravan usage drops and many owners store their caravans safely in storage through the winter months. Generally, during this time the caravan is rarely checked until it’s time to be used again and a tyre cover gives you the added peace of mind that when the summer months roll back around that, your tyres will be in the same condition that you left them in.

Protects Against Dirt

Being outside your caravan isn’t just under threat from weather conditions but also dirt, dust and even bird droppings which contain chemicals which can corrode and destroy the outer layers of your caravan wheels.

This also applies to the front of the caravan in transit, so a towing cover is recommended too.

The best caravan wheel covers provide an added shielded layer to stop these chemicals and elements from hitting your wheels. Even when your caravan is stored away in your garage, dust can still get to the wheel, so it’s always essential to have them on.

What To Look For In Caravan Wheel Covers


Several brands manufacture wheel covers, and they will vary in price depending on several factors, including the material and added features that they have. Although price does not always correlate with the overall quality, long-established brands generally create higher quality products because they have remained in the market for an extended period, generating a large loyal customer base. 

Some brands will also manufacture caravan wheel locks so you can also minimise the chance of being a victim of crime.


The price of your wheel tyres will closely link to the brand that you choose. The price can also be affected by the number of wheel covers you need and the overall quality. However, we have reviewed several wheel covers at different price points to ensure we have something for everyone.

Wheel Size

It’s essential to check the size of your tyres and the size of the wheel covers you’re looking to buy. The last thing you want to do is select wheel tyres and when you go to fit them, realising that they don’t fit.

To make sure you select the right wheel tyre, you need first to measure the diameter of your existing tyres. You need to make sure to measure the entire wheel including the rubber and its rims and then compare this to the wheel covers on available.


The materials that the covers are made from should be heavier duty because this will ensure that it can protect your wheels. You should ideally go for a wheel tyre cover that is both weatherproof and waterproof, which ensures it can protect throughout a range of weather conditions. You need to ensure that these heavy-duty materials are also easy to clean.


Like any type of product, defects can develop, especially if like a wheel cover, they spend most of its life outdoors. A warranty gives you added peace of mind and protection and although it shouldn’t be the main thing to consider it’s a nice added extra.


The last thing you want to do is have to spend hours maintaining and cleaning your wheel covers frequently, so choose a solution that is easy to maintain. The wheel covers we have chosen as the best are easy to clean and simply just require a wet cloth to wipe down the surface. They also don’t require added cleaning liquids so you can quickly clean them and then go about with the rest of your day.

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