Best Portable Washing Machine

If you’re going on a short trip, then you can often bring enough clothes for the whole trip, but for longer caravan trips you need to make arrangements of how you’re going to wash your clothes.


Being in a caravan doesn’t mean you have to leave your homely comforts because you can now even have a washing machine in your caravan. Of course, it won’t be as big or powerful as a full-size washing machine, but it’s still an effective way of cleaning your clothes. This is especially suitable if you’re in a rural location away from any launderettes.


We’ll take you through the best portable washing machines available on the market and the features you need to consider to get the best wash.

Display4top Portable Compact portable Washing Machine

Display4top have created a portable washing machine that is great for caravan use and also has a spin cycle setting as well as a wash cycle. It has a compact design with a durable plastic body.


The space-saving design means that it is less intrusive in your caravan where space is likely to be more limited. The washing machine is quiet in operation yet still powerful due to its 1300 RPM motor, which also has a maximum frequency of 60Hz.


 The washing machine has a total capacity of up to 13 total pounds of laundry Washer: 8 lbs/Spin Cycle: 5 lbs. The wash settings are also quick yet effective with the wash setting lasting up to 15 minutes and the spin cycle running for up to 5 minutes per load.


In terms of water supply, you have the option of using the intel and hose for water draining, or you can manually pour water directly into the washing machine.

Leisure Direct Portable Washing Machine

The Leisure direct Lightweight and portable twin tub washing machine with added spin function make it ideal for use in environments where space is limited, such as caravans.


 The washing machine has a max load of up to 4.6kg of dry washing weight. It also measures 76 x 36.5 x 60cm so will fit into tight spaces and has a Large opening lid with Up to 15-minute built-in Washing setting with a 5-minute Spin Timer.


No plumbing is required; all you need to do is fill the washing machine with hot water and detergent. The item is supplied with a water drain function and a 12-month warranty.



The washing machine automatically switches off after each timed program, and it pumps away wastewater from both the washer and spin dryer. Unlike other competing portable washing machines, you’re able to use washer and spin dryer at the same time for added convenience.

Streetwize Portawash Twin Tub Washing Machine

The Twin tub travel washing machine has a lightweight design with an easy-grip Ergonomically Designed Carry Handle, so it’s easy to transport to and from your caravan. The washing machine requires a power supply of mains 230v and has the capacity of up to 3.5kg of washing and 2.5kg capacity for spinning.


The washing machine is environmentally friendly and energy-saving and has Approx Dimensions of 615mm (W) x 420mm (D) x 575mm so it can be neatly hidden away from sight when it’s not in use.


This is one of the cheaper models of portable washing machines so will take a bit more effort to wash your clothes, but is great if you’re going to a caravan park which doesn’t have clothes washing facilities.

Leisure Direct Mini Twin Tub Portable Washing Machine

This portable washing machine also has a spin function while also featuring a semi-automatic pulse and reverse wash actions with the choice of a normal wash or a gentle cycle for delicates.


The machine has a capacity of up to 3.6kg of dry washing weight and a spin capacity of 2.5kg. It also measures 54.5 x 38.5 x 55cm so will fit into tight caravan spaces.


The unit Automatically switches off after each timed cycle, and you can also use the spin dryer and washer simultaneously or just on its own with fully adjustable timing operation.


The washing machine has a Washing power of 240W and a spin power of 120W while also being Environmentally friendly, energy-saving with quiet operation.


There is no additional plumbing needed; all you need to do is add water so you can use it almost straight from the box. There is also a 12-month guarantee included.

What is a portable washing machine?


Unlike the name suggests you can’t exactly pack a portable washing machine inside your suitcase. Still, they are considerably smaller than a regular-sized washing machine that you’d find in a normal residential kitchen.


Similar to a caravan toilet, they are smaller in height and width, which means that you can easily move it out of sight when it’s not in use. They are also easier to set up and usually just need to be plugged in, unlike a traditional washing machine that often requires professional plumbing set up.


You can set up a portable washing machine in 5-10 minutes as it only needs an electrical power source.




Generally, the capacity of a portable machine will be reduced so you won’t be able to wash your whole wardrobe at once; however, they can still wash enough clothes for a single person. 


Capacity limits will range from model to model, so if you’re a small family, you’d be better off buying a model that can fit more clothes, so you don’t have to be washing clothes regularly. 




The physical size of the portable washing machine is critical because you need to be small enough that it can comfortably fit onto a tabletop because space is likely to be at a premium in your caravan.


Its size also needs to be considered because when it’s not in use, you need to be able to easily remove it from view without it taking u to much space or still being noticeable.


Washing Mechanism

The two main types of washing mechanisms are agitators and pulsators. Pulsator models are more effective and better because they treat your clothes with softer care which is especially useful if you have delicate clothes. Whereas agitator washing mechanisms are a little rougher but also provide a cheaper and stronger wash making it ideal if you have heavier and dirtier clothes.

Available Cycles

The best portable washing machines will provide you with a setting that allows you to adjust its water levels and to program different wash cycles. Of course, you don’t need dozens of different settings so you should priorities the settings that you think you’ll use the most, and the rest will be a bonus.


Ideally, you should expect your washing machine to have both wash and spin cycles. Without the spin cycle, it means your clothes will be very wet, which can take days to dry.


Ease of Use


Portable washing machines are usually simple appliances to operate with only a few available settings. You don’t want to be fiddling around with a complicated set of controls when you just want to be enjoying your holiday. 


Choose a washing machine that is easy to use and has straightforward operation settings so you can set it to wash and leave it until it’s completed.




You need a washing machine that’s easy to transport, which means it needs to be light, especially if you’re going to be storing it away from view after each time you use it. It also helps if it has inbuilt handles that allow you to carry it without the risk of it slipping out of your hands.


Energy Usage


If you’re using this washing machine in your caravan, then it’s likely that there will be a limited supply of electricity, so it’s essential to check the energy consumption of your desired portable washing machine.


The more electricity it uses, the more expensive it is to run; however, most will require a power source of 230 volts.

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