Best Caravan Portable 12v TV

Just because you’re on the road in your caravan or motorhome, it doesn’t mean to give up your home comforts, and with caravan tv’s there’s no excuse to miss out on your favourite tv shows and series.


Caravan TVs have come along way from having a basic aerial that only picks up a few channels. The only issue that this now creates is that it can be challenging to choose the best caravan tv for your needs, but fear not because we’ve put together a full buying guide to make this easier.

Cello 12 Volt 19.5" C20230F Traveller Satellite Caravan LED TV 


If you’re going to buy a caravan tv, then you need to purchase one that’s specialised and fit for purpose, and the Cell 12 Volt Led TV fits the bill. This TV is specially designed for viewers who are on the move, whether this is in a caravan, mobile home or boat.


This TV is supplied with both a domestic and travel 12V power adapters to meet your needs as well as Freeview HD channels to reach your viewing needs. Built-in is a satellite receiver so if you’re in areas with a weak signal you can use a dish.


This TV is HD Ready and has a 720p image resolution so you can watch all your favourite TV in a sharp and clear format. As an added feature there is also an inbuilt DVD player which means you don’t need an extra device taking up more space, which is great if you’re a DVD fanatic.


If space is limited, the TV is also wall-mountable while also being in Band ‘A’ for energy efficiency, which means that there will be lower running costs which make it more environmentally friendly.


  • HD Ready
  • 12 Volt Power adapter
  • Freeview HD
  • In-Built DVD player
  • Terrestrial & Satellite Tuners for all Free to air HD channels
  • HDMI connection
  • ‘A’ energy efficiency rating
  • British made
  • Built-in satellite tuner
  • Wall mountable

EMtronics 20" Inch HD Ready 12 Volt Caravan TV


This is a feature-packed caravan tv that can fulfil almost every one of your needs. The TV runs off a 12 Volt power supply and allows you to access TV channels via Freeview HD and satellite. Included is a 12 – 30v adapter which makes it ideally suited for Caravans, Trucks, Boats or at home.


It has a crisp 20″ HD ready LED 720p screen.


There is also an external HDMI input so you can connect all your external devices such as a Sky box or games console, while the is also a USB PVR that allows you to record and playback. If you’re a movie buff, then there is also n inbuilt DVD player so you can bring all your favourites with you on your travels.


If space is limited, the TV is also wall mountable with its 100mm x 100mm VESA compatible screw holes on the back of the TV. The TV is in the “A” rated energy efficiency class, which makes it extremely energy efficiency, resulting in reduced energy consumption. It consumes just 16 watts of power when in operation, so it won’t drain your battery reserves.


  • 20″ HD ready LED 720p screen
  • 12V Power Supply
  • “A” Energy efficiency
  • Built-in satellite tuner
  • HDMI Input 
  • USB PVR for recording and playback
  • Inbuilt DVD player
  • Wall mountable

August DTV905 – 9" Portable Freeview TV – Small Screen LCD Television


if you’re less of a frequent TV watcher, then a smaller compact TV would be more suitable for your needs.

The DTV905 from August is a stylish, slim-line, high quality, portable Freeview TV which makes it ideal for your caravan travels whether you mount it on your kitchen side or your bedside table. 

The TV has a 9″ 16:9 screen with a fully digital 800×480 resolution, which gives you access to 

Freeview TV for the UK and HD TNT / DVB TV for other countries, Plus all-digital radio stations. Also included is a remote control while the unit has Built-in stereo loudspeakers and Earphone socket.

The TV functions as a multimedia player allowing you to play video, music and digital pictures via USB port; Supports MP3, WAV, JPEG, MPEG4, AVI formats.

The screen runs off AC power supply from mains (110-240V 50/60Hz) but also has a built-in rechargeable battery which gives you power for up to 2.5 hours.

There is also the ability to Output TV/video/photos to large screens via HDMI port; AV-In port allows for use as a high-quality monitor. The product is engineered in the UK with the support team also based in the UK, giving you a local phone number.

  • Fully digital 800×480 resolution 9″ screen
  • Multimedia player
  • Remote Control
  • Portable
  • Freeview TV
  • HDMI Port
  • Inbuilt battery & AC power supply

Edision Free to Air Satellite TV Lite Receiver with 12.6V Car Charger


Manufactured by a company called Edision, this Freesat box is an excellent addition to your caravan if you need a high-quality satellite receiver to pair with your caravan television.

The receiver is supplied with remote control and 12.6v charger so you can easily power it. It is compatible with both standard and HD providing you with 4000 radio and television channels.

Caravan TV Buying Guide

TV License

Luckily, if you already hold a TV license for your main domestic home of residence, then this also covers your motorhome or caravan tv. Even if you’re using a TV in your caravan, it simultaneously covers anybody watching TVs in your home.

However, this only covers touring caravans. If your caravan is permanently pitched on a plot of land or a site, then the TV license authorities do not consider this to be touring. This means that you cannot simultaneously use the tv in your domestic home and caravan using the same tv license. 


Depending on the TV you decide to purchase, it could be one of the most expensive items in your caravan or motorhome. It’s important to note that adding a satellite dish could be seen as a modification by some caravan insurers.

It’s essential to notify your insurer before and after you make any changes to make sure that you’ve got the right cover. 


Space is usually scarce in a motorhome or caravan so it’s unlikely that you can get your dream 50 inch LCD like you would in a domestic home. Ensure that you measure the available space so that you get a TV that fits.

This isn’t just a measure of the width of the tv but also the depth to make sure that it fits on the countertop without falling off.

There’s a high chance that you’ll be close to the TV screen or maybe watching it at an angle because of the limited space so usually don’t need to purchase a huge screen. Make sure you pick the right kind of screen, especially if you’ll be watching from an awkward angle.

To find your ideal TV size, you should take your average viewing distance and divide by two to find your recommended TV size.

Satellite or Terrestrial Dish

Now you need to consider whether to use a satellite or terrestrial service; however, it’s a no brainer. Satellite is far superior to terrestrial, especially if you plan on leaving the United Kingdom because terrestrial signals are commonly poor abroad whereas satellite can pick up a stronger connection.

This is especially the case if you plan on watching UK TV channels when you’re not in the country. With satellite television, you also can access a larger number of channels free of charge. All you need is a TV with built-in Freeview capabilities.

Type of Satellite Dish

So I think it’s clear now that a satellite is your best bet, but now there’s the decision of which type of satellite to use.

Watching Online?

In the modern age, watching TV via the internet is a very normal thing whether this is through a TV, Laptop, Tablet, mobile phone or other mobile devices.

This is not the case when touring in a caravan or motorhome. Not only is data on the move expensive, but if you’re on a campsite, then Wi-Fi can be slow and cumbersome.

This is amplified when you’ve got hundreds of families trying to use the network simultaneously. Also streaming via 3/4G will lead you to drain through gigabytes of data in just a few short hours. 

Portable Manual Dishes

Portable dishes are the most affordable type and are also small in size, which means that they can be tucked away in storage when it’s not in use. You can mount it simply by using a tripod or placing on a table or surface.

Caravan dishes don’t take up much space compared to tradition domestic satellite dishes which are usually bigger and heavier, making it more awkward to use in confined spaces.

Your ideal size will depend on the amount of room that you have available and the number of channels that you’re trying to pick up.

Fixed, Manually Operated Dishes

Manually operated dishes does precisely what it says and is usually mounted on the roof or outer surface of your motorhome or caravan. This type of dish allows you to often control its positioning from inside your vehicle, which removes the difficulty of having to set it up in the rain or dark.

Full Automatic Satellite Dishes

If you desire the ultimate simplicity, then a fully automatic dish has a self-seeking function which requires just a few clicks of a button, and it will search to find all the available channels and then save them down to your TV for viewing.

Type of TV

Most people aren’t lucky enough to have a 50ft caravan, so the type of television you buy is essential. We recommend an LCD TV because they consume lower levels of power compared to older models.

LCD screens are also lighter, making it easier to move around, especially if you like to store them away when not in use. LCD TVs can often be more fragile and sensitive to knocks and damage, but if you get insurance, this should cover this.

Once you’ve selected your type of TV, then you get the choice of multiple add ons, whether it’s a digital receiver, built-in DVD player or even DAB radio functions.

Caravan TV Bracket

If you don’t have the space to sit your TV on, then a Caravan TV bracket is an equally great option which allows you to suspend you TV from the wall into a position where you can still see it. 

The best caravan tv brackets will allow you to swivel and tilt your tv while also having an ultra-slim design. You need just to check the weight allowance of your desired bracket to make sure it can hold your TV’s weight without falling.

Just because you have your TV mounted it doesn’t make it permanent. Some TV mounts have a quick release bracket that allows to quickly remove your TV so you can store it away or move it out of sight.

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